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Promoting A Positive Business Culture

Our core values and working practices help foster a partnership approach with our customers.

Culture & Values

The Martin Group is where public and private sector organisations repeatedly turn to because we share an understanding with them. We understand why they do what they do and we know what to do to help them achieve their success.

Our vision is to deliver to our customers a fully-integrated, seamless service. We have achieved this for over 40 years and it is our mission to continue. We retain a motivated and well-trained workforce whose experience benefits every aspect of everything our customers ask for.

Our Values

All employees of the Martin Group share its core values:

  1. Team and collaborative working to arrive at a common goal
  2. Meeting customer needs in the most practical and efficient way possible
  3. Sharing knowledge across the business
  4. Supporting each other
  5. Welcoming ideas
  6. Promoting and rewarding commitment and high performance
  7. Aligning employee satisfaction with customer satisfaction
  8. Putting the customer first

Our Practices

We pursue our values by providing employees with an inspirational and professional working environment. Suites of policies and procedures are in place to maintain consistently high quality in our products and services. Training and continual professional development underpin the way we nurture our people.

We don’t just deliver to our customers, we foster a partnership approach with our customers. Our working relationships are built to last, meaning the Martin Group and its client organisations grow and prosper together.

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