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Bat Surveys

All bat species and roosts are fully protected under UK and European law and as a result, it is unlawful to deliberately kill, injure, disturb or remove them. Additional protection has been put on their resting places under the Conservation of Habitat and Species regulations 2017, preventing them from destruction or damage. Our suitably experienced and as needed bat licensed ecologists will assess whether any trees, buildings or bridges harbour potential for bat roosts by conducting a Preliminary Roost Assessment and to assess the sites use by bats. This will determine if further surveys are required and what the next steps will be. All our surveys follow the Bat Conservation Trust Guidelines (Colins, 2016).

Bat Surveys may include:

  • Preliminary Roost Assessments – Ground level tree assessments along with internal and external building assessments
  • Aerial tree inspections by CS38 qualified personnel
  • Building inspections
  • Emergence/re-entry surveys
  • Evening emergence and dawn swarming surveys
  • Hibernation surveys
  • Activity transect surveys using GPS enabled bat detectors
  • Remote/static monitoring
  • Infrared and thermal imaging surveys

Following on from the surveys we provide our clients with licensing and mitigation advice and ECoW supervision to ensure all site operatives understand the law and what species are present on site.