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Site Clearance

We provide a range of services and solutions to ensure that sites are cleared safely and efficiently whilst complying with our client’s requirements and any site specific constraints.

Our site clearance services include:

  • Complete Site Clearance – Including trees, undergrowth, vegetation, hedgerows and shrubs.
  • Hazardous Tree Removal – We survey trees that have the potential to cause a hazard and provide our client with options ranging from full clearance to pruning and maintenance.
  • Tree Stump and Root Removal – To ensure a full site clearance is achieved and ready for construction any remaining tree stumps and roots can also be removed and disposed of.
  • Processing of Timber and Vegetation – Our clearance activities are undertaken using methods that ensure timber re-use is maximised. This supports our client’s environmental targets and ensures waste is minimised.
  • Timber Recycling – We offer various options for re-use from biomass to sale at timber merchants which can be catered to align with our client’s timber re-use strategies.
  • Rial Possession Vegetation Clearance – We offer services including initial planning of possession works through to management and delivery of lineside clearance including the use of specialist on track plant and equipment.
  • Forestry – From clear-fell to single selection thinning operation, we can complete any forestry/woodland management operation for woodland and forest owners.