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HW Martin (Fencing Contractors) Ltd
HW Martin (Fencing Contractors) Ltd - HS2 WP47 Early Works Northern Area Project
A major player in the fencing industry ever since 1976.

HS2 WP47 Early Works Northern Area Project

HW Martin are currently assisting with the delivery of fencing and vegetation management works on the HS2 EWC working collaboratively with the Laing-Murphy Joint Venture. Undertaking major works with close management of the many ecological constraints, all aspects are currently progressing well with more than 10,000 hours working time completed with no accidents. Utilising railway possessions and traffic management, the safe and proficient delivery of works will continue into the Autumn of 2019.

Vegetation clearance along carriageways with traffic management

New Class 3 type fencing and timber hoarding installed

Circa 50,000 square metres of vegetation management works have been completed to create working areas and access for the major compounds and main works contractors.

Circa 25,000 linear metres of fencing has been installed to separate major utilities, provide tree protection and to demarcate land possession areas.