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HW Martin (Fencing Contractors) Ltd
HW Martin (Fencing Contractors) Ltd - Vegetation Management
A major player in the fencing industry ever since 1976.

Vegetation Management

Beginning in a small way, clearing trees to reduce the impact of leaf fall on the safe running of trains, the De-vegetation division of HW Martin (Fencing Contractors) Ltd has grown to become a major force in vegetation management within the rail industry.

The Company has built up a large and skilled workforce, trained in carrying out tree felling and vegetation clearance safely within the confines of a railway environment.

To achieve this, the Company has developed its industry knowledge to enable it to make best use of opportunities for working within possessions of the line and isolation of the overhead traction supply, in areas where it exists. However, the Company has also developed systems allowing it to work safely without a possession, where practical.

The size of the Company’s workforce, coupled with the use of modern, efficient and mobile plant, enables it to maximise production wherever opportunities occur.

vegetation_clearing railside_tree_clearing