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The Martin Group is now proud owner of 2 Bellcroft, Eastways in Witham, Essex



The Martin Group is now proud owner of 2 Bellcroft, Eastways in Witham, Essex.

The one and one-quarter acre site is an operating base for HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd, replacing the current depot in Ingatestone.

Significantly, the Martin Group has invested over £100,000 in environmental initiatives for the brand-new site.


50% more energy efficient air conditioning units.
Some of the 64 solar panels installed on the Witham-based site

Green initiatives include 64 solar panels with two 10kw storage batteries, six electric vehicle charging points and air conditioning units with an A++ seasonal efficiency rating providing 50% more energy efficiency than standard units. A heat recovery system that provides fresh air ventilation and recovery of waste heat in utility areas, plus a solar thermal system to heat the water for the building make up the full suite of efficiency projects.

A 10,000 litre tank stores harvested rainwater for brown water applications on site.

Rainwater will be collected using a rooftop drainage system for use in brown water applications on site. 85% of the water harvested will pass through a Vortex Filter to remove debris before it is diverted into a 10,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank. Water is then supplied on-demand to flush the toilets, clean vehicles, or for outdoor taps.

Heat extracted by the heat recovery system is recovered, filtered and fresh air added to meet the requirements of Building Regulations. This system alone provides a long-term-running-cost saving of up to 40% compared to traditional heating systems.

Nearly 60 employees (office and frontline) call this new, Witham-based site, home.

Ged Crerand, Operations Manager at HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd, has been managing the project onsite. He said:

“It’s great to see HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd actively engaged in this green depot project to help the environment. The electric charging points for our vehicles, brown water recycling and solar panels that help power the depot are the next step on our road map to carbon neutrality. We all need to start somewhere, and do our bit, making better choices now to benefit the future.”

The Witham-based site is a first for the company and will be used as the blueprint for more ‘energy-farm-style’ depot developments in the future.

Interior of new Witham-based depot
The one and one quarter acre site boasts plenty of space for the fleet of traffic management vehicles