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BBC News Showcases H W Martin Recycling Centre

BBC News Showcases H W Martin Recycling Centre


H W Martin’s role in Warwickshire’s impressive recycling rate has been recognised by both the Council and the media.

Filming at the Princes Drive recycling centre in Leamington Spa on 21st July, the BBC highlighted the huge volumes of recyclable materials handled by H W Martin.  This is all sent by us to companies who specialise in making new products such as plastic containers, glass bottles, paper, steel and aluminium cans, and more……

The county of Warwickshire enjoys a recycling rate of 43.2%.  This has increased faster than any other local authority in Britain over the past 12 months.  It echoes the increases in recycling rates seen at our recycling centres across the country.  The effect of H W Martin’s management of these sites is astounding, bringing about significant improvement almost immediately.

The BBC News clip is currently unavailable, but the online article can be seen here.

More information about Warwickshire’s success can be seen here.