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Birthday Cake Expands the Waste Line

Birthday Cake Expands the Waste Line


Celebrating his 56th birthday this week was Paul Dishman, part of the transport management team at H W Martin Waste Ltd.

In honour of this he was presented with a very impressive birthday cake, in the shape of one of the company’s fleet of “rolonoff” lorries.

A birthday cake in the shape of a "rolonoff" lorry.

The real lorries travel the length and breadth of the country carrying thousands of tonnes of waste and recyclable materials all year round. This sponge version, decorated with icing in the authentic Martin green livery, unfortunately traveled no further than the end of a desk before being sliced up and eaten by the quicker members of the team!

Paul Dishman has been with H W Martin Waste Ltd since its establishment in 1999. We all wish him a very happy birthday.