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HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd, HW Martin Fencing and Forestry Ltd and HW Martin Safety Fencing Ltd have elected to align their Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) functions.



The HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) function has been aligned across HW Martin’s Traffic Management, Forestry and Fencing and Safety Fencing divisions.

This cohesive team has received full approval from Jim Clegg, Group Head of HSEQ, Risk and Compliance, who also offers strategic guidance for HSEQ.

Furthermore, this united team has garnered support and endorsement from directors representing various sectors within the company, including David Shaw, Darren Lowe, Brian Stone, Steve Smiley, and Tony Wilkinson.

This collaboration offers significant benefits. First, it helps teams access subject matter experts from each specialized business unit, making it easier to tap into their knowledge and experience. This will improve project quality, support client goals, and encourage a culture of continuous improvement and innovation across the board as best practices are shared and integrated seamlessly.

The alignment of the HSEQ function harmonizes the different business systems, reducing redundancy and streamlining processes to enhance overall safety and quality standards. This creates space for innovation to flourish.

Furthermore, the alignment smooths workflow and workload distribution preventing overload and burnout. Resource is optimise, maximising everyone’s capabilities by ensuring each job is carried out by the right individuals who have received the appropriate training resulting in improved performance, productivity, and wellbeing.

The focus of the offering is collaboration with an emphasis on empowering employees toward collective success. The team will continue to engage with employees across the board, embedding a culture of diversity, fairness and equity.

James Hunt, Sustainability Manager, heads up the Quality and Environment elements of the unified team, he said:

“In my current capacity, I serve as part of a newly aligned HSEQ Function overseeing Traffic Management, Fencing and forestry and Safety Fencing. I strongly believe in the benefits of this alignment, harnessing the expertise of our outstanding teams to enhance the value across all business units. My approach centres on collaboration and support, working together with our dedicated professionals to realize our shared vision for an inclusive, sustainable, and socially responsible sector.”

 Steve Riley, HSE Manager, heads up the Health and Safety elements, he said:

“I believe the new HSEQ structure will provide many benefits including taking best practices and initiatives from each business and incorporating them into the others. It will also give the HSEQ department additional resilience as it exposes us to new industries and working methodologies. Above all, the new alignment will ensure our workforce has a larger support function to call upon.”

Ultimately, the alignment of the HSEQ function across the traffic management, fencing and forestry and safety fencing business units provides vital support across the board, promoting a collaborative environment where expertise is shared, innovation thrives, and the holistic success of the wider organisation is paramount.