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CIHT Award Recognizes Collaborative Approach to Project Delivery

CIHT Award Recognizes Collaborative Approach to Project Delivery


The M6 J4-10a Dynamic Hard Shoulder motorway enhancement scheme has been recognized with the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) West Midlands Collaboration Award.

The award-winning project was led by SMP Alliance assembly partner BMJV (BAM and Morgan Sindall Joint Venture).

The award reflected the collaborative approach of the scheme’s valued supply chain partners including HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd, HW Martin Fencing and Forestry Limited, CR Civil Engineering, McCann, WJ and Hanson UK.

HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd supported the scheme with traffic management to ensure extensive central barrier and drainage upgrades, as well as the installation of additional emergency areas, could be completed safely.

The project adopts the Project 13 Network principles. This delivery model is defined by five pillars: capable owner, governance, integration, organisation and digital transformation. It is characterized by its collaborative nature and aims to move infrastructure delivery to an enterprise model focusing on bringing together suppliers and partners to work in a more integrated way to deliver better outcomes.

Thank you and congratulations to the employees involved in delivering this award-winning example of excellence in collaborative team work and problem solving.