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H W Martin Waste Wins Award for Outstanding Recycling Quality

H W Martin Waste Wins Award for Outstanding Recycling Quality


We are proud to announce that H W Martin Waste Ltd is a 2018 recipient of the Resource Association’s annual Quality Recognition Awards. At a ceremony held at the National Liberal Club in Westminster, London on 16th July, the company received the award after being nominated by Novelis Recycling – the world’s leading recycler of aluminium, recycling around 60 billion used drinks cans globally every year.

H W Martin Waste Ltd produces several thousand tonnes of high quality recyclable materials at its Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Leeds every year, and has been doing so since 2007. The UK’s leading re-processors use materials from the Leeds MRF, including paper, steel, plastics, glass and aluminium. The company’s MRF is also a base for regular educational sessions for local schools and visiting groups keen to learn more about the recycling industry.

Novelis Recycling nominated H W Martin Waste Ltd because it is “a recycling company and MRF operator that is a long-standing supplier of aluminium that has developed an understanding of quality to ensure 100% reprocessing in a closed-loop system.”

Nominees for the award must meet criteria including achieving a relevant industry quality standard with no loads of recycled material supplied rejected by the reprocessor during the 2017/18 financial year.

H W Martin’s MRF Manager Daiva Jankeviciene (centre) with fellow award recipients

Speaking about the award, Dec Nortcliffe, National Recycling Manager for H W Martin Waste Ltd, commented: “It is great that Novelis nominated us for the award and we are really pleased to have received it. We have worked with Novelis and many other blue chip companies in the recycling industry for several years and I am pleased to say we are a supplier of choice when it comes to them wanting consistently high quality material.

“Our MRF at Leeds as well as our other recycling facilities produce good quality materials because we care about what we send out. We are in it for the long-term and feel that the long-standing relationships we make with partners such as Novelis are vital to the sustainability of the UK markets for recycled material.”