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H W Martin Waste Wins Nuneaton Recycling Contract

H W Martin Waste Wins Nuneaton Recycling Contract


We are pleased to announce that H W Martin Waste Ltd has recently begun another prestigious recycling contract, this time for Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council.

The council collects mixed recyclable materials from its residents and delivers it to a local facility provided by H W Martin, where it is bulked and sent for processing at the company’s state-of-the-art materials recovery facilities.

The three-year contract will see the company handle and recycle around 9,000 tonnes of recyclable materials each year.  There are two mixes of materials collected at the kerbside by the council – one is a mix of paper and cardboard, and the other is a mix of glass bottles and jars, metal cans and foil, plastic bottles and plastic pots, tubs and trays.  The council is able to add more items to its list of recyclable materials as a result of using the company.

It is the company’s specialist capability in glass and plastics separation that was a key factor in the council choosing to use us, coupled with our experience in the separation of the whole range of recyclable materials.  That means the council and its residents are assured that every item of recyclable material they put out for collection will be recycled.

H W Martin has been running materials recovery facilities for many years and opened its own facility in 2007.  Since then the company has opened more facilities and researched, invested and specialised in adding new methods and techniques for the separation of more and more recyclable materials.

As well as the glass separation plant, which creates smelt-ready cullet for the glass industry, we have an innovative plastics separation plant that takes the plastics removed from the rest of the recyclable materials mix and further separates it into polymer types.  Outputs include plastic drinks bottles going straight back into the manufacture of new bottles, and flaked polymer that goes straight to a manufacturer to make plastic products.  Our processing of glass and plastic bottles achieves “closed-loop recycling” for Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council, as well as all of our other council customers, helping them drive towards a circular economy.

Dec Nortcliffe, National Recycling Manager at H W Martin Waste Ltd., commented on the new contract, “After years of hard work and investment in developing and fine-tuning our materials separation processes, it is great to see councils like Nuneaton & Bedworth recognising the technical benefits and the value-for-money that our solution offers.”