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Is Your Waste “Too Good To Tip”?

Is Your Waste “Too Good To Tip”?


Staff at the Stourbridge household waste recycling centre (HWRC) run by H W Martin Waste Ltd make sure that any waste items that can be reused are saved from the bin!

Many items brought to HWRCs can in fact be used again, perhaps after a bit of a clean and minor repair. Our staff at Dudley Council’s HWRC run an on-site reuse shop, where items are saved from being thrown away and instead are sold.

All sorts of items are available, including small items of furniture, tools, crockery, musical instruments, records and toys.

The reuse shop is so popular that we are able to give at least £500 per year to the Mayor of Dudley’s chosen charities. This year’s charities are Macmillan Cancer Support and the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and Black Country.

Councilor David Stanley, the Mayor of Dudley, said: “It [the reuse shop] rescues items that have absolutely nothing wrong with them. They can be reused and they are being sold for prices to make them affordable for people on lower incomes.

“It proves the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

H W Martin Waste Ltd has been managing and operating the Stourbridge HWRC on behalf of Dudley Council since July 2012.