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Martins Recycling Presses Ahead with New Baling Equipment

Martins Recycling Presses Ahead with New Baling Equipment


H W Martin Waste Ltd has continued to develop its acquisition of a new recycling facility to serve Derbyshire and the Midlands. The site, at Clover Nook near Alfreton, includes a sorting and distribution depot set within landscaped grounds.

The company has recently installed a Macpresse baling machine to be used to compact and bale recyclable materials, including cardboard, metal cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and magazines for efficient onward transport to reprocessing facilities around the country.

Commenting on the company’s Alfreton Recycling Centre, dubbed “the ARC”, Mark Faulconbridge, Operations Director, said, “The ARC is an important strategic purchase for us. With it, we are now able to offer the same high quality recyclable materials management to councils and other organisations in this region as we already do in other parts of the country.

The ARC baler used by H W Martin Waste Ltd.

“The installation of the baling equipment means we are on schedule to create an efficient, flexible and cost-effective service to our customers. It also means we can reduce the environmental impact of our operations, by having a local base and by maximising payloads.”

The installed equipment comprises a Mac 105 fully automated baling press, a Mac 1500L feed conveyor and a Mac 500 fluffer. It is capable of baling recyclable materials at a rate of more than 10 tonnes per hour.

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