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Plant Pot Disposal – Helping our Recycling Grow

HW Martin Waste Ltd's latest initiative to increase plastic recycling

Plant Pot Disposal – Helping our Recycling Grow


Even with a ‘War on Plastic’, the UK recycles less than half of the plastics that are thrown away. Despite recycling 1.1 million tonnes of plastic in the year 2020, 2.4 million tonnes of plastic were disposed of instead of recycled.

HW Martin Waste Ltd are very pleased to announce its latest initiative to reduce waste and improve the number of plastic materials recycled on its Derbyshire Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).  Since the beginning of March, all HWRCs across Derbyshire have been accepting plant pots in the ‘Hard Plastic’ recycling bins. HW Martin Waste Ltd has undertaken continuous research to find new ways of recycling wastes and increase recycling. HW Martin Waste Ltd are now partnering with an organisation that specialises in dealing with those “hard to recycle” items including, plastic plant pots and seed trays.

All plant pots that are received at the HWRCs are sorted by the onsite Recycling Advisors. They check it is clean, before depositing them into the recycling bin. This replaces the previous method, where all plastic plants pots were sent to landfill.

Craig Capper, HW Martin Waste Ltd’s Contract Manager for the Derbyshire Area, stated that “There have been no negatives to the new initiative and the whole process has been rolled out smoothly. We want to make sure as much material as possible can be diverted from landfill and recycled back into a product”.

So, as the days warm up and we start buying our garden plants this spring – recycle those pots!