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HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd is one of over 50 organisation's that committed to spend £20,000 before VE Day 2021 as part of The Highway VE Day Challenge.



The challenge, set by Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company, sought to generate an extra £1 million in sales to support ex-Force’s personnel transitioning into a civilian career. The profits will make it possible to employ and support five new, full-time members of staff at their factories in Aylesford, Kent and Leatherhead, Surrey.

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company was founded in 1919 and has provided employment for hundreds of veterans and individuals with disabilities ever since. This unique social enterprise is part of the Royal British Legion Industries and is on a mission to create employment opportunities for ex-Forces.

Our crews use upwards of 1,200 individual traffic management signs every night to guide customers safely around roadworks.

To ensure they remain fit for purpose for longer, we reply on our supply chain to provide us with an excellent quality product, timely production and delivery, all at a good price.

By purchasing our signage through Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company, we achieve our purchase criteria as well as supporting a social enterprise in delivering valuable community work.

With the partnership set to continue beyond The Highways VE Day Challenge, we will help to provide stable employment, social opportunities and housing for ex-Force’s personnel, mitigating the risks of homelessness, substance abuse and addiction that can hamper the transition process.

Jay Taylor, National Sign Compliance Manager at HW Martin (Traffic Management), said:

“We chose to explore a partnership with Britain’s Braves Manufacturing Company for several reasons. They add diversity to our supply chain, supply products that are of high quality and meet the stringent requirements of ISO 9001 at a competitive price. But most significantly, all profits go into the assimilation of soldiers back into civilian life.

“Participating in The Highway VE Day Challenge was a great way to kick off our partnership, and will hopefully be seen as evidence of our intention to support this social enterprise for the long-term.

“We are delighted to become part of their story making a tangible difference to the lives of veterans and those with disabilities with each sign we purchase.”

Each sign that we order will feature the Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company’s logo, spreading the message of the power of social enterprise up and down the country with each sign erected as part of the work our crews do every day.

In recognition of our partnership, we have received our very own Tommy. It takes pride of place at our HQ in Blackwell.