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Workers Band Together to Find Wedding Ring

Workers Band Together to Find Wedding Ring


A wedding ring, a priceless heirloom that had been passed down through generations over many years, was almost lost forever.

Mr Higham is a regular visitor to his local household waste recycling centre at Princes Drive in Leamington. But on this visit he deposited more than just off-cuts of wood into the skip. He was shocked when he realised too late that his wedding ring had slipped from his finger and fallen into the skip, perhaps never to be seen again.

So desperate was Mr Higham to retrieve the ring he asked one of the site staff if he could climb in. The Recycling Advisor employed by H W Martin Waste Ltd who manage the site on behalf of Warwickshire County Council told him it unfortunately could not be allowed.

Instead however, H W Martin’s staff took matters into their own hands and emptied the entire skip of its contents. It took two days of sifting before the wedding ring was finally discovered and re-united with its grateful owner.

Mr Higham explained how important the ring is to him, having been passed down from his grandfather to his father, then to him.

Steve Hodges, Area Contract Manager, said, “We were delighted to reunite Mr Higham with his wedding ring. It wasn’t quite like hunting for a needle in a haystack, but it was close!”

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