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Excellence in operation

Excellence in operation captures our purpose, values and identity as a traffic management expert. It shapes the decisions we make; defines how we behave and requires us to search for ways to continuously improve our processes and procedures.

Excellence in operation reflects the road that we have travelled as an organisation, and the direction of our onward journey. It defines our ethos – the way we work – and it is what we want our clients to expect from us.

Our vision

To be a safe and customer-focused traffic management partner of choice working in an inclusive and sustainable sector.

Value Wheel

What does this mean for our clients?

  • We are working to ensure everyone goes home safe and well every day as part of our fair and just culture to incidents, accidents and injuries
  • We are a good neighbour to local communities and deliver customer-focused solutions that aim to reduce travel disruption
  • We keep our word and fulfil our commitments; our service continuously evolves to meet the needs of our clients and customers
  • We invest in research and development to keep improving the innovative solutions we provide
  • Our dedicated managers collaborate with our clients, partners and supply chain to find innovations and opportunities to add value in every single project
  • We ensure that the right people, with the right qualifications and skills, are in the right roles at the right time, every time
  • We embrace Lean delivery practices and the very latest technology to embed efficiency and effectiveness
  • We see it as our duty to establish a skills legacy and inspire the next generation of traffic management experts
  • We support each other to succeed, placing equal value on all perspectives by embracing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • We have joined forces with other highway professionals in our industry to transform our sector, meeting the challenges of the future head on

Areas of innovation, research and investment

The following nine areas are where we focus our investment, innovation and research activities. Innovation is vital to ensure we continue to create value for our clients and secure our vision as the traffic management partner of choice.

  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Customer
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Supply chain
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Sustainability
  • Social value