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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We proactively, and proudly, fulfil our role in developing a diverse and inclusive workforce at H W Martin Traffic Management. Our objective is to create teams enriched by a wealth of different perspectives, cultures and backgrounds.

For us, equality, diversity and inclusion are an intrinsic part of what we already do. For us, it means:

  1. Making sure that everyone we employee feels valued, respected and heard, and that everyone is motivated to perform at their personal best
  2. Ensuring everyone’s needs are met and they have the chance to participate and reach their full potential
  3. Attracting talent from all walks of life through our local and national recruitment campaigns as well as our graduate, trainee and apprenticeship programmes
  4. Continuously underlining the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion across our business through awareness training and consistent communications
  5. Driving continuous improvement to retain our diverse and inclusive workplace
  6. Playing an active part in overcoming barriers to inclusion through targeted campaigns such as supporting women into engineering and pledging to reduce prejudice for racial stereotypes

Our public sector commitments

Working on behalf of public sector organisations such as Highways England, we are bound by the same Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) objectives. We are therefore committed to:

  • Continuously improving our performance in equality, diversity and inclusion as an employer and service provider
  • Meeting our requirements under the Equality Act 2010 by:
    • Embedding an inclusive working culture and practices that enable everyone to meet their full potential
    • Valuing and meeting the diverse needs of neighbouring communities throughout a project
  • Monitoring progress against our equality, diversity and inclusion objectives to ensure we are delivering on our promises

Our equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives

Our EDI initiatives.

  • Women in engineering – regular attendance of Women in Engineering events to identify and understand the challenges they face, and break down barriers to entry
  • STEM Ambassadors – employees who specialise in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and volunteer their time and enthusiasm to demonstrate the value and need for STEM subjects in the highways industry
  • Girls work experience day – tailored work experience events targeted at young women to demonstrate the vast number of opportunities open to them in the highways industry and break down associated gender stereotypes
  • Collaboration with social enterprises – a bespoke work experience opportunity aimed at those NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) that can lead onto a traffic management traineeship with us
  • FIR Ambassadors – fully trained FIR (Fairness, Inclusion and Respect) Ambassadors deliver regular workshops across the business to embed the values of inclusion
  • Second Chance – providing opportunities to ex-offenders with targeted charity engagement activities
  • Collaboration with the Career Transition Partnership – engaging with individuals who have recently left the armed forces and are looking for employment opportunities