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Customer Focus

Our commitments to delivering services with customer-focused roadworks.

Our commitment to planning

Customer Focus

  • Our technical team adopts a data-led approach to understand key customer needs when designing temporary traffic management
  • We appoint stakeholder liaison officers to work directly with our customers to tailor delivery strategies to meet their needs
  • We consider and value the diversity of stakeholder groups and strive for inclusion of all within our methodologies

Our commitment to delivering

Customer Focus

  • We provide our workforce with the tools they need to deliver excellent customer care every time our customer awareness training programme
  • We use new and innovative technologies to provide customers with accurate, real-time information about the length of road works and diversions
  • We work with our partners to provide regular customer updates through a variety of platforms including social media and highways signage
  • We promote customer interaction by opening avenues of communication across physical and electronic platforms

Our commitment to reviewing

Customer Focus

  • We operate a robust Customer Complaints Policy and Procedure which is used to ensure the satisfaction of our customers
  • Our customer care procedures are designed to ensure we learn and continuously improve our service through feedback
  • We monitor our sites against internal customer audits in addition to customer-focused Key Performance Indicators, Considerate Construction Scheme scoring and customer satisfaction rates
  • We collaborate with our partners and supply chain to improve the customer journey on the UK highways network

Customer focused innovations

After safety, customer satisfaction is our priority. We want to ensure a smooth journey for all road users travelling through roadworks and highway improvements. Here are some of the customer-focused innovations we are testing to help road users get on their way:

  • To help road users plan their journey we are collaborating with leading Sat Nav providers to integrate temporary roadworks and diversions
  • In order to reduce driver frustration, we use intuitive Variable Messaging Signs to provide accurate timescales for roadworks
  • We are testing roadside signage to reassure drivers that, just because you cannot see us, doesn’t mean there isn’t crucial work going on behind the scenes
  • To keep multi-lingual road users safe on our highways, we champion the use of signs that automatically recognise the nationality of a number plate and translate the message into the appropriate language