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HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd
HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd - Temporary Barriers
Specialist traffic management on motorways and high speed roads.

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Temporary Barriers

HW Martin are the leading installers of VARIOGUARD Temporary Safety Barriers in the UK.

Our trained and accredited teams of installers and bespoke transporters utilising our patented Safety Frame continue to carry out the largest and most complex VARIOGUARD projects throughout the country.

VARIOGUARD is a galvanised steel safety barrier, with a unit length of 4,000mm, a height of 900mm, and a base width of 700mm. A box beam on top of the unit is connected by SIGMA type posts to the unit base. These posts are bi-directional, and because the system is bolted together, they are replaceable in the field. The standard element has a weight of only 400kg, and incorporates an integrated drainage section of 120mm x 70mm.

It is usually only anchored at each end, secured by inserting four 500mm long anchor pins into predrilled holes. These act in shear in the event of an impact close to the terminal.

VARIOGUARD absorbs the energy of errant vehicles by a combination of self weight, catenary action, and the MASS of the impacting vehicle on the unique foot section of the barrier. It is delivered to site in pre-bolted 12m lengths incorporating a QUICK-JOINT system for rapid installation.

Where absolute minimal deflection is required, VARIOGUARD can be anchored every 20m. This arrangement is dynamically tested at performance level N2, with a dynamic deflection of only 560mm, and a class of Working Width of only W4.

This is the lowest deflection of any temporary steel barrier!

Tests according to BS EN 1317 :1998, at performance levels T3, N1, N2, H1, and H2 have been successfully completed.