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HW Martin Waste Ltd
HW Martin Waste Ltd - Case Studies
If you’re going to leave footprints, make them green.

Case Studies

The Martin Group operates across the UK on a wide range of public services contracts. We deliver solutions to local authorities, Government agencies, the education sector, emergency services, the NHS and other public sector organisations, as well as large organisations in the private sector.

We have published several case studies to showcase examples of our work. For more information on a case study please contact us.

Client: North East Derbyshire District Council and Bolsover District Council Background: North East Derbyshire and Bolsover District Councils were among the early adopters of kerbside recycling collections services in the UK more than a decade ago. Both councils recycled different types of materials with varying degrees of recycling performance across the districts. The councils made two […]

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Client: Durham County Council Requirement: To manage and operate the county’s household waste recycling centres (HWRCs). Increase the rate of recycling across the HWRCs and reduce reliance on landfill. HW Martin’s Activity: The purpose of any HWRC is to provide local residents with a safe and convenient facility where they can take their unwanted items, as […]

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Client: This is a company facility, used by Leeds City Council and many other public and private sector clients. Requirement: A facility to process, sort and segregate mixed dry recyclable waste materials from residences and industry from Leeds and the surrounding region; and to produce materials suitable for re-introduction into the manufacturing sector. The facility […]

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