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HW Martin Waste Ltd
HW Martin Waste Ltd - Services
If you’re going to leave footprints, make them green.


HW Martin Waste Ltd provides a range of waste and recycling services for both households and businesses.

For further information on the services we provide, please choose from the following options.

Our Services

Household Waste Recycling Centre

Household Waste Recycling Centres

We manage and operate a wide network of recycling centres.

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A recycling bank.

Waste From Households

Handling recyclable material from households every day.

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Premier Waste Recycling providing trade waste collections.

Trade Waste Collections

Trade waste collections across Derbyshire, Yorkshire and the North East.

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A HW Martin employee sorting recyclable materials.

Materials Recycling

Our facilities process tens of thousands of tonnes of recyclable materials every year.

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One of the two size grades of glass cullet we produce.

Glass Sorting

Our process turns glass bottles and jars into product for re-melt.

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Plastic that has been sorted and recycled.

Plastic Sorting

We have made major investments into technologies and processes to sort mixed plastics.

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A waste transfer station run by HW Martin Waste.

Waste Transfer Stations

We operate some of the country’s largest waste transfer facilities.

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We operate a modern and efficient logistics fleet.

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